Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Thoughts all over the place, that’s just how I roll

So this past week I found out that my marathon training partner is up and leaving the island for the next 4 months.

Gah!! What’s a girl to do?? He’s the only person I know who is currently able and willing to get up at the glorious hour of 4am to get a long run in.

I’m a pretty self-motivated runner, but 18 weeks are a lot of weeks to run alone.

post not complete without a sweat-stache picture

I’ve though about starting a Maui Marathon training group. Maybe advertise on craigslist, put up flyers? I see other runners out there…..I just need to meet them somehow!

Also, now I’m really going to have to buy another garmin – since I was totally just letting him use his garmin and track our time. I am dreaming over the purple Forerunner 220……dreaming I tell you……since my current budget is leaning more towards the Forerunner 10.

I’m off to read online reviews to help me decide. And stock up on gu. And picky bars. And Nuun.

Yeah baby! Marathon training season is here! And with or without a partner, I’m excited.

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