Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Goals, Schmoals, for April

I’ve never been big into goal setting. I’m more into……idea setting. I mean…..I will set a ‘goal’ all right, but don’t expect me to keep track and hem and haw over it getting done. I prefer to set out with a loose idea of doing something, and then just…..see where it goes. Like one of those choose your own adventure books I read as a kid (remember those?!). I like re-evaluating at every junction, and being surprised by new choices and possibilities.
Yes, I think that’s it – I really like possibility.
I don’t like feeling weighed down, roped into something.

Guess I’m a hippie at heart. Free bird, yo.
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(The only exception to this is training for a marathon. When I have set a marathon as a goal in the past, I have been freakishly (for me) set on completing my training program with as little deviation as possible. I think it was because of the fear of the unknown with 26.2 miles. What can I say, I’m complicated. )

Anyway…….this post is about goals ideas for April.
1. Work on regaining running fitness. Run at least 3x a week. But probably more. If I want to.
2. ‘Pick up the keys!’ This is what one of my best friends calls what I think is basically a single leg squat. And its what she suggested I do to help strengthen my left glute. Old lefty needs to muscle up because I’m feeling pretty imbalanced lately when I run. (I have a history of pelvic/hip balance issues and they lead to injury if I’m not careful). Do 3 sets of 15, 3x per week and work up from there.
3. Watch as many Julia Child cooking shows as I can. Also, make a Julia Child quote (on canvas) to hang in my kitchen. I’m thinking of using one of the following quotes, or maybe just buying this one:
Julia Child Quote Printables--I think I want to make a couple of these to hang in the kitchen. So cute, love Julia.
4. Continue making progress on pull-ups & dips. Currently I can do 1/3 (that’s probably being generous) of a pull up, and 2 dips.
5. Go to the beach. 
This one is going to be so hard. Smile

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