Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Home sick, with nothing to do but dream.


I’m home from work sick today. Blech. All of this laying about on the couch and not-running, has me thinking about big races.

I have several running related goals, two of which are:

  1. Break 5 hours in the marathon, and
  2. Run an ultra.

Now, in my mind, I want to run a 4:xx marathon before an ultra because I’m currently in the mindset of running a bit faster than I have previously. And in my mind it makes sense to build a faster base for an eventual ultra.

However, I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t just look up plane tickets to a 50k race on Feb 1st 2014.

Hahahaa, yeah……..Hawaiian Airlines thwarted my ambitions by tickets to Vegas in less than a month being way out of my price range. Probably a good thing, seeing how my current ‘long’ run is 7 miles.*  Whatever!

This is the race that got me all stirred up:

Antelope Canyon 50 – near Lake Powell in Page, AZ.  You get to run on Navajo land, through slot canyons. No race has ever been run here before – according to the site, and “Navajo guides will be posted along the route, as travel on tribal lands requires their presence in order to visit the sacred sites.”

Are you kidding me with that opportunity??? How could I NOT at least check on plane tickets??

Alas, it’ looks like I will have at least another year to save and build mileage and hope they have a 2015 race. Sigh.

Another race I’m adding to my bucket list is


It’s in Switzerland.

You get to run through the Alps. No big deal.

Nothing to see there, obviously.

I figure since I’m named after a family friend from Switzerland, it’s pretty much mandatory that I do this race.


*Yes, 7 miles is measly when you are talking 50m or 50k, but here’s the thing: you bet your booty if I had the opportunity to run 50k on Feb 1st I could do it. I have an endurance base already – and I certainly wouldn’t be running my 7 mile pace. It would hurt, and it might not be ‘smart’, but dang straight if I couldn’t pull it off. I believe I can fly, yo. Smile

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