Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It was bound to happen.


My garmin has officially given up the ghost. Which is sort of not really convenient, since I’m hoping the coming months involve many runs, many miles. But on the positive side, I’m looking at it as a really great opportunity to run by ‘feel’ or ‘effort’ and not be such a slave to the data. Not that the garmin rules my runs by any means (I think I’ve actually only downloaded it’s data, um….once? In 6 years?) but I’m definitely guilty of letting it have a negative mental effect on me if I glance down and see numbers I didn’t want to see.

So running free until I score a replacement, will be great.

Also, garmins are way cuter and smaller now, which I’m looking forward to.


By the way none of the pictures in this post have anything to do with this post. I just wanted to give you something to look at. We can always use a beach picture.


And a picture of me annoying Brant. That’s always fun.

So besides that, on the running front all is looking good. I focused heavily on weight training the last 8 weeks and only ran maybe once a week or so. And I think that break has been really good for me mentally and physically. I started out hating the idea of weight training, but then I learned how to deadlift and all of that changed.

I freaking love lifting heavy things.

“Heavy’ being totally relative, right – because seriously…..a 45lb bar loaded with a 10lb plate on each side is heavy to me right now. 3 sets of 15 about do me in! My legs feel ok, but my upper body is composed of gummy worms and sprinkles and by the end of my 3rd set I can barely keep hold of the bar.

It feels amazing.


Palm trees and Whole Foods. If you look closely, you can see there was a hula show going on.

So anyway…….I’m going to keep lifting heavy things, just less frequently, as it’s time to ramp up the running once again. I’m excited to see how strength training changes my marathon season. Yep, I’m calling it a season, even though I’m not technically signed up for a race yet.

I have eyes on the Kona marathon in June, Maui marathon in September, and/or maybe a fall marathon somewhere on the mainland. Who knows?

It feels exciting. Hopeful.


Salty coconuts hopeful.

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