Saturday, December 14, 2013

At this moment I am……


Sitting on our garage-sale loveseat, feet propped up, and feeling good after a 6.2 mile run this morning. I got to run with one of my favorite running buddies, Gordon, and we ended up setting a PR (for me) at that distance. 1 hour, 2 minutes, 45 seconds. 10:08 average. I can definitely tell it is winter in Maui – I ran in a short sleeved shirt, took no fuel, and only drank a few sips from my water bottle. As opposed to summer/fall running in Maui, where even a singlet feels too hot, salt & electrolytes are necessary, and dehydration is always around the corner as the sweat just pours out.

Full from hitting up the Whole Foods hot bar on my way home. Bacon, eggs, biscuit, gravy. Delicious.

Thinking about cleaning my house today. It needs it real bad. But the beach sounds like way more fun.


Also thinking about this wall hanging I saw at Pier One yesterday. I’d like to hang it in my studio.

road and sky

Looking forward to the new year. The last two years have been doozies, and my heart is full of this feeling like we are rounding the corner into a new season. Which makes me very excited.

Feeling my stomach burn. And I don’t think it was the biscuit and gravy. I notice many times after I run longer, at a harder effort, my stomach burns/hurts for most of the rest of the day. I know our digestion slows as we run and blood/energy is diverted to other body parts needing it more, so maybe it has something to do with digestion starting up again? Or not eating the right thing (or soon enough) after running? I notice it feels better when I eat, but then after a bit it starts burning again. And it’s not a hunger pang. I don’t know. Does this happen to anyone else? Maybe the answer is bagels? Bagels solve many things. Smile

Gearing up mentally to ‘train’ the next 6 weeks or so for the Maui Oceanfront 1/2 Marathon. And by train, I basically just mean get my mileage in. Since my races in October, I’ve been running when I feel like it – no schedule – and the only agenda being to push the pace and break out of the long/slow rut I found myself in. It has been awesome. I love just winging it. But I think it’s time to make sure I get 3 –4 runs in a week, till the 1/2.       I miss mileage.

What’s going on with you, at this moment?

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