Tuesday, December 17, 2013

JFR* is the best motto ever


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I got to the four way stop where I usually turn left, and instead found myself turning right. Propelled by the spark of the unknown flashing before me. Surprising (but not), because right is uphill, windy, and a road I had not run before. For most of my adult life, I’ve considered myself a planner, a creature of habit, and someone who is uncomfortable with change and/or surprises. Lately I’m learning that some of that rigidity is just a way for me to (seemingly) maintain control, and that there is actually huge joy to be found in giving up and giving in to adventure. 

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I’ve always liked the adventure of running a new route, so that didn’t surprise me last night, but the hill did.

As a runner, I’ve often backed away from the hard stuff. Speed. Hills. Whatever in the moment my brain considers ‘too hard.’ So I rationalize walking, or running a slower pace, or fewer miles, or an easier route. And it’s fine really, because it’s all been my journey thus far. You start somewhere, you go somewhere. And now I am here.


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And I feel this building momentum in my heart that 2014 is the year I push back against the hard stuff. The year I run faster. The year I tell my brain to be quiet when it starts setting limits.

I want so see what my limits really are.

Last fall, I ran two marathons and one 1/2 marathon all within 40 days. That is something I never fathomed I would do. But then I did.

And like crazy things do, it made me look at myself and running differently. It made me wonder. It made me want more.

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So here I am. Last night I turned right instead of left. Up the unknown hill.

And it was great!

*JFR = just f-ing run. Some running store in Austin, TX has started a movement called Just F-ing Run, and I love it. Read about it here.

What do you hope for in 2014? Running or otherwise Smile

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